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Session #6: 7 Phases Of A Lead and 100 Visitor Test

Step #1 – Traffic Temperature

Cold – Warm – Hot

Unaware – wouldn’t recommend marketing to them
Problem Aware – they have a problem they want to solve, eg blog post
Solution Aware – aware that there are many types of products out there that can help them, hot place for facebook! Eg landing page
Product Aware - aware of your product, haven’t found a reason to buy yet. Bridge page
Most Aware – Buyer has bought a product. Eg order page
One step at a time

Step #2 – Your Pre-Frame Bridge

The Preframe is the single most important part of your funnel
NOT all clicks are created equal – the preframe sets the ‘mood’ and the mindset for the visitor
If you’re sending COLD traffic your preframe needs to do more information about why you’re making your recommendation
Each step of your funnel pre-frames the next step, starting with your Ad. Your ad is your 1st impression does it speak to them?
By changing the environment , you change the relationship. Get your community into a different mindset, and you provide an opportunity that might open their minds, to moving forward. Build trust, provide value!

Step #3 – Qualify Subscribers

Qualifying your subscribes is the act of presenting an option for your visitors to enter their email in exchange for something that will help them.

Eg: Squeeze page, quiz with optin, presell page and so on

Step #4 – Qualify Buyers

Qualifying buyers is the act of offering something for your visitors/subscribers to buy.
At any time there is an opportunity to buy, your visitor/potential buyer must trust that the sale is in their best interest. Trust must be established, this is why your preframe is so important, you are leveraging your trust towards the sale.

It’s important to remember that a buyer is a buyer. Once they pull out their credit card they have met this requirement. They will buy again at some point.

Step #5 – Identify Buyers In Heat

Identifying whether a buyer is in head and how hot their desires burn is based on whether they purchase the upsells offered and how far they ascend while in heat.
The way that you determine whether a buyer is in heat is to check your affiliate sales csv for email addresses that purchased more than one product in a short period of time.

Step #6 – Age and Ascend The Relationship

You commitment and contact with your community, including how you make contact, and how you communicate.

Trust is earned not purchased and the way to earn real trust is to be consistent. Stay in contact, constantly provide value.

2 weeks of no contact and your list will forget you exist

Use Soap opera sequence and Seinfeld emails to keep in contact

Step #7 – Change The Environment

How to change the environment
- Change the method that you’re communicating to your community with eg email to video, or podcast
- Change the format of your deliverables/training/tools, one day an email with step by step, next is a pdf
- Change the presentation within the same format eg video words on a screen, slide show, live show


This session gave me a good idea of the different types of traffic out there and what makes them cold, warm and hot. This is a lot more complicated than I originally thought, which is good because when people are clicking on my link or landing on my page, what type of traffic are they and how best can I warm them up till they are at a point that they want to buy my product. Now if I can measure where my traffic is coming from and make a targeted funnel or landing page I can tweak that till the right method is found 😊

James Wrest
Entrusted Neighbor

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