Session #5: Instant Traffic Hacks

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Session #5: Instant Traffic Hacks

Post by James » Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:01 pm

Where? (Direct and Indirect)

Example: Direct => competitors Indirect => what else are they buying?

Find people that are selling or offering a similar service
Who offers something similar to dotcomsecrets ?

Leadpages. This is more for clickfunnels and not this book

What I did was go to amazon and look up the books that they list as a similar product, see below.

Dot com Secrets in amazon

Other books like dotcomsecret's

The Millionaire FASTLANE - offers free 3 chapters of the book

Launch: an internet millionaire’s secret - offers free book – plus shipping, has a different fill to dotcom secrets

Ecommerce evolved this feels like a clickfunnels page! Gets most of his leads for facebook

How to write the copy that sell by rey Edwards -couldn’t find a free give away or a sales page I would guess he gets most his leads via his podcast


Example: or

See what they are offering, use the same concept

Note the cases above are smaller than Russel’s site, the most useful information I found was fore Ray Edwards site he gets most of his leads from
Buildgrowscale is part of ecommerce! interesting

Model What Works

This is what Russell does takes what is working and copies and improves by measuring and testing!

Need to know
1 Demographics
2 Offer
3 Landing page
4 Traffic source
5 Ad copy

Must have at least 3 out of 5, NEVER have 2 unknows, its not worth your time.

Summary of day 4

This was a good start to looking at the competition and what they have to offer, so you can hack their traffic and get some sales. It was interesting to run into a site that looked like a clickfunnel’s page Ecommerce evolved. I wonder how much of the book is taken from Russell’s material. There it still plenty of research to do for me to find where I will target my traffic though

James Wrest
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