Day 2 - Identity - which leader are you?

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Day 2 - Identity - which leader are you?

Post by James » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:20 pm


The Leader

Example: Donald Trump

Motto: ‘Follow me and ill take you there!’
Always in the spotlight – takes the glory and punishment
Does not always have the answers, but makes the effort to get the answers they don’t have so their people don’t have to.
Think “Lead By Example’ You’re walking the path with them showing them where to step and where to avoid

Best suited for those who have experience in the Endeavor they are sharing or rallying the team behind

The Adventurer / Crusader

Example: Richard Branson
Motto; “Follow the code… the rest will work itself out”
Spotlight is shared with the experience ‘it was a great journey’
Looks to the ‘method/experience’ for the answers, knowing that each person will have a different experience.
Think ‘Leads though intention’ You’re showing them the goal and letting the path reveal itself to each individual as you go.
Best for those that believe that the journey is as important or more important than the destination.

The Reporter / Evangelist

Example: Larry King
Motto; ‘I am the voice for those who need to hear it’
Spotlight is shared with the message and often that comes in the form of leading expert.
The answers come from the best sources/experts you can find.
Think ‘Leads by providing the answers and tolls you need to do the work’
Best for those who are breaking into a new market/community or expanding into a new area.
Interviews experts

The Reluctant Hero

Example: Frodo Baggins
Motto: ‘I never wanted this but people are relying on me’
Spotlight is shared with the message/story/path they took to get where they are now.
Looks to their experience and the experience of their fans for answer’s.
Best for those who have done something specific and were able to get similar results for others


I feel I’m a mix of reluctant hero and adventurer, I am looking for my path, a way that works for me and I’m enjoying the journey as I go though and learn these tools that help me along the way. When I find something that works I feel I need to share it as it helped me and it could help others. However, I am aware that I can share my experience and recommend that this is a better way or solution, this does not mean that the other person is open to it at this point of time or it is their way and I respect that, “each to their own path”.

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Day 2 Identity which leader are you

Post by Charlesfet » Tue Sep 03, 2019 7:30 am

Ace, I have background as a 2nd LT with Norwegian military, have served as both squad leader and 2IC for a platoon. If you need any extra men, let me know.

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Day 2 Identity which leader are you

Post by BeJimmieWem » Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:09 pm

Hi guys and gals from Task Force Charlie.

We are looking for ppl to:
Lead a Company
Lead a Platoon
Lead a Squad

Also if you are interested in HQ duty, please let me know.


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