Door to door vs a sales funnel for a local barber shop. By Adam Ali

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Door to door vs a sales funnel for a local barber shop. By Adam Ali

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When I first started online, everything was so confusing. Now I see opportunities everywhere.

Is it me or does this happen to you guys too.

I had a funny experience last month.

This happened over a month ago , so let me start from the beginning.

It was a usual weekday I needed a haircut so went to my regular barber . When I got into the shop , it was packed and people were standing around for a haircut as the seats were full.

"Damn " I thought , I can't wait this long (probably 90 minutes).

Two things that make me impatient are the barbers and waiting at the carwash ! What about you ?

I walked out and drove around to see if any other barbers were not too busy. Eventually I drove a little further out of my area and spotted a newish barber shop , which I knew was there but never tried.

I parked up and walked in. Only one person getting his haircut so I sat and waited for about 15 minutes, then it was my turn.

Only one barber was working there and sat me down.

I told him what I wanted , back and sides , shorter on the top, I'm not a fancy guy .
Anyway while he doing his magic on me, I asked him how's business ? How long have you been open ? How come it's quiet ?

💡💡Remember this - Good questions can open many doors !!!

He explained , the owner is a guy called Dennis. Who has 3 barbershops already and Dennis is out with his wife posting flyers in the area to drum up business for this new barbershop.

My next questions - Is this because this shop is new ? Can I see a flyer ?
What I found was Dennis posts small flyers out himself (with his wife ) to get new customers through the door by offering the first haircut for free.

💡💡 A lightbulb went off in my head. I knew the plan from seeing the flyer.
I asked some more questions, then I told the barber to tell (not ask) Dennis to give me a call , and I will make his life easier regarding how to drum up business.

I left my details and took the number for the barber shop.

Few days later , guess what Dennis DIDN'T CALL .

Not a nice feeling, but don't worry I expected this, I been in business a while.

So it was still my move- I called the barbershop 3 times until I got to speak to Dennis .
" Dennis , How you doing buddy ? "

The conversation continued like this-
"I see your posting flyers in the local area, to drum up business.
Let me show you a better faster more cost effective way to do this."
I explained to him what I can do for him.
He told me he will call me in the evening to discuss further.
He did call me back , I explained I am a online marketing expert and will virtually guarantee him customers.

My method -
Setup a landing page based on the information from his flyer . Offer first haircut free for new customers. They have to insert , name , email , telephone number and get the free haircut code.

Took me 90 minutes to do this.

Setup local facebook ads targeting men in his local area for their first haircut free.

Took about another 90 minutes.

Explained to Dennis and his staff member , how to handle leads and convert them.
I also told Dennis to tell his Mrs , she can become a lady of leisure now, no more door to door posting flyers. He was laughing at the bit, lol

Well I switched on the ad , ran the sale funnels after it.
First day - Nothing happened
Second day- Nothing happened
Third day -Two customers came in
Fourth day - About 10 came in
Fifth day - Dennis didn't get a chance to have his lunch as he was so busy.
The rest is history.

We were suppose to run this for one month , but we switched it off after 3 weeks, Dennis wanted to slow it down , as some days were to busy.
I paused the facebook ad.
Dennis paid me $1500 .
I spent $327 on ads, the rest is my profit $1,173.
But , it doesn't end there.

Dennis was impressed as his barbers is now properly launched.
I quizzed him further and convinced him to use me every second month for this barbers or any others from the other three that go quiet.
All I got to do is use the same ad and funnel which will literally take 15-25 minutes to setup.
This will probably bring me an additional 5-6k a year for little work.

If I really want to be a beast I can start targeting barber shops all over the country (especially new ones) and repeating this process.

The problem now is everywhere I go I see opportunities with funnels.
🤝🤝PS - well me and my boys went for a haircut to dennis' barbers.
We had to wait in the queue like everybody else (frustrating) . After we got our haircuts , I was pulling my wallet out and Dennis said " No Adam , this ones on me mate" no charge.

🌀🌀Sometimes opportunities are all around us , we just need to ask the right questions .

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Re: Door to door vs a sales funnel for a local barber shop. By Adam Ali

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Re: Door to door vs a sales funnel for a local barber shop. By Adam Ali

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